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I'm so glad I'm finally feeling better.  Yesterday, I've felt nothing I've ever felt before, and something I hope to God I never feel again.  It seemed as if I was stabbed in the stomache repeatedly and I couldnt stop myself from vomiting all morning.  I was so cold yet sweating bullets.  I was in such a daze, I barely remember anything else.  I was yelling and crying and screaming about the pain I was experiencing.  Robin could do nothing but just watch me throw myself around on my bed.  Her exact words were "It looked like the exorcist".  My mom kept trying to get me to the car to take me to the hospital, but I couldnt even stand.  For about an hour, I lost all my basic motor functions, then I finally settled down and laid myself down to sleep.  I woke up hours and hours later, in the most comfortable position on my bed, wrapped in covers and finally at a comfortable temperature. I cant remember ever feeling so relaxed in my entire life.  I sincerely pray I never feel like that again.  By now, I'm feeling, at best, normal and I hope I stay this way. 

Tommy is breaking up with Kiersten again, but this time I'm not feeling the hope I had of them getting back together that I had felt last night when they broke up for the second time.  He insists that he doesnt love her anymore, but in actuality, hates her.  He says she needs to lose weight. 
          Note:  Kiersten could not be more perfect.  Shes nowhere near overweight.  Shes beautiful, smart, and has given my ungrateful brother everything hes ever needed or wanted.  Frankly, I dont know how she can love him, with the way he treats her.  Kier, you honestly deserve so much better then this. Soon, he realize it was you that made his life what it's come to be and he'll be wishing for you back day and night. 

I've come to notice that instead of updating once or twice a day and in very small amounts, I tend to update more like..bimonthly, but with a lot to say.  If you're not capable of appreciating my entries, take them one paragraph per couple days and see how that works for you.  So stop bothering me to update more often.  :)

On a happier note, its about 11 days until The Curiosa Festival.  11 days until muse.  I'm suffering from excitement.  God, I hope I get there early to reserve a decent place in the crowd.  I should probably see if I'm able to get a few more days of work in so I can make a little spending money for the concert.  Hopefully they sell muse trackjackets.  That'd make me really happy. 

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