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soo stolen from dani. If my life had a soundtrack, this is what it would be.

opening credits: 187 - senses fail

waking-up scene: this celluloid dream - afi

average-day scene: airbag - radiohead

best-friend scene: you know how I do - taking back sunday

first-date scene: sweetness - jimmy eat world

falling-in-love scene: for me this is heaven - jimmy eat world

dancing around on the bed scene: song for a mixtape - ataris

sex scene: dont go away - oasis

fight-with-friend scene: no I in team - taking back sunday

break-up scene: if ever I forget - letter to juliet

get-back-together:  she paints me blue - something corporate

fight-with-an-ex scene: lipgloss and letdown - a static lullaby

"life's okay" scene: champagne supernove - oasis

heartbreak scene: konstantine - something corporate

mental breakdown scene:  ghost man on third - taking back sunday

driving scene: lucky - radiohead

deep-thought scene: nevers a promise - fiona apple

flashback scene: the astronaut - something corporate

party scene: ballad of the lost romantics - new found glory

dance scene: feelin this - blink 182

stoner scene: climbing up the walls - radiohead

regret scene: the great dissapointment - afi 

long-night-alone scene: grace kelly with wings - piebald

crushed scene: jewel - foolish games

death scene: ruled by secrecy - muse

closing credits: lover I dont have to love - bright eyes

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