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I'll take the quiet life. A handshake. Some carbon monoxide.

26 days left til Muse.

Maybe, just maybe, summer is beginning to get good..  The last day of work is tomorrow, so everyone should take the opportunity to come in and see me.  It'll be the only time I'll wait on one of my friends.  No more having to wake my ass up at 5 AM.  I'm contemplating getting  a new job.  Perhaps Ritas, or something.  I dont know what I'd rather do.. have a job and lose part of my summer and have money.. or just relax all summer and be poor..

                               I'm thinking I need a job..

So 26 days.  I'm so extremely excited. I can not wait.  I'm going to die when I hear them play stockholm syndrome. 

                   Do you think I should go to warped tour?  Comment.

I was supposed to go to 6 flags today, but the weather was really shitty, but NOW LOOK OUTSIDE. So damn beautiful. Next week = wildwood for the week.  Soooo many memories.  I gotta bring my Eminem cd, just for the sake of the past.   Ashley and Kristinas birthdays are coming up!  My little babies are gunna be 15 and 16!  They're growing up so fast..

And a very special Happy Birthday to my dear Jessie Paskerelli!  I love you! 

Everyone needs to go to KofC on friday to support Ryerson.  Theyre playing with Aspen It Is, who is a-w-e-s-o-m-e.  So see you there.  Well, I think I've said everything I needed to, so have a wonderful day or week or month, because I seldomly update. 

rest in peace-  sean mcgrath. 

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