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Monday, June 21st.

            So school is finally over.  Its about time, too.  Today went by rather quickly since I cut the last two classes of the school year to go home with Karl, Eric, and Josh.  So we left school and went back to Eric's, which was fun.  Robby is a funny kid.  So we chilled at Erics until about 12, then Eric, Karl and I came back to my house for a bit.  We sat around, ate, sat around, ate some more then they left, rather abruptly too. I bet Karl is going to be awkward as fuck around me now, which agrivates me.  Right now, people are heading over to Jessies for her end of the school year party thing.  I think its in my best interest to stay home since I have to wake up at 4:45 to start my new job in Pequannock.  Anyone who is reading this, feel free to come up to Peppercorns Cafe til 2 to visit me.  Its right across the street from the Pequannock CVS in the strip mall.  I am the only waitress all summer.

              In other news, I finally got my Curiosa tickets.  July 31st will be a damn fine day to remember.  Muse?  The Cure?  Interpol?  Cursive?  Thursday?  Tell me thats not an amazing lineup.  I'm going baisically for Muse, but I definetely dont mind seeing the other bands.  I think Mike is going, too.  Robin better get her damn tickets SOON. 

           So school is finally over.  Now to move onto a job that starts 3 hours earlier  and gets out an hour later then school.  Awesome. 

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